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Tips On Altering A Wedding Gown

Whether you want to alter the style of your current gown or modify it to fit your type of body, a seamstress can alter the dress to look exactly the way you want it to. Start the process early enough if you want to succeeds in altering your gown. Many shops that sell wedding gowns will have recommendations of a seamstress, or they have hired one to adjust the dresses for you if the fitting is not perfect. Making alterations to a wedding gown is not as easy as fixing a button, it requires experience on the part of the seamstress.

Not many brides are lucky to get a gown that fits them well and does not need alterations. In such a scenario, a few changes have to made on the dress if need be. Even if the alterations to be made are minor, the bride should go to a seamstress who deals solely with gown alterations. A seamstress who has experience will make the gown fit and look the way you want it to and make your day even more special.

There are three types of alterations that can be made on a wedding gown. The first type is hemming, where the length of the dress has to be adjusted to fit your height. The second alteration is the bodice where the hips, bust and waist of the gown are adjusted. The thirds type of alteration is the sleeves where they are made shorter to the clients preference. The biggest secret to dress alteration is to start early.

The alteration process should start two months before the wedding and that is when the bride fits for the first time. During that time the seamstress and the bride agree on what has to be changed on the gown. The seamstress can tell the bide how much she is supposed to pay for the services. During the first fitting the bride should request any special things that should be added to the gown.

The second fitting should be a month to the wedding and all the alterations should be complete or almost. When the wedding is a week away the bride should fit the gown again to make sure it still fits well. all the accessories that will be worn with the gown should be brought to the fittings to envision the complete look.

Bring shoes to the fittings as well. Bring along to the fittings the jewelry, veil and the undergarments you will wear with the gown. If you can bring a person you trust to the fitting to give you their honest opinions.

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